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  • Design and Drawing service

    Design and Drawing service

    Experienced engineers to assist your products design, to issue professional 3D model and drawings according to your sample, image, or even just a thought.

  • Multiple solution

    Multiple solution

    Cutting, Stamping, Deep drawing, Bending, Welding, Die casting, we are master of metal fabrications, multiple processing and solutions to choose for your best combination of technical requirement, quality and cost.

  • Professional quality control

    Professional quality control

    QA and QC not only do inspection for final parts in our lab, but also test and inspect semi-product during every processing to ensure the quality from every step. KANBAN, 6S, internal PPAP ensure our quality system stable and efficient under QE’s excellent job.



Sales Hotline:+86-351-4290485

  • 电话:+86-351-4290485
  • 邮箱:info@orimatintl.com